Franchise Friday: A Guardian’s Journey

Welcome to the first of many Franchise Friday blog posts. If you haven't already seen, Franchise Friday is a new series launching today on my blog. You can find out more about it in the reveal post here. Without further ado lets jump in. Now, this particular franchise has been in the news lately due … Continue reading Franchise Friday: A Guardian’s Journey


Lets Talk: Nintendo Direct

The first Nintendo Direct for 2019 has come and gone and while I was a little disappointed not to see a couple of things overall the Direct kicked off what definitely looks to be another amazing year for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Direct opened up with showcasing the brand new Super Mario Maker 2. … Continue reading Lets Talk: Nintendo Direct

My Month In Gaming: January

For what has felt like the longest month, is finally coming to a close and it is time for the first My Month In Gaming for twenty-nineteen. If you are new to my bog and haven't seen one of these posts before, let me explain what they're all about. At the end of each month … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: January

Four Things I’m Loving Right Now

January has been a very long and very peculiar month for me and not really the best start to a New Year. My aim was to do my best to turn that around and just keep myself busy. During the month I've not only discovered lots of new things that I love and really enjoy … Continue reading Four Things I’m Loving Right Now