Dear Game Freak

Late on Saturday evening, I noticed that the hashtag "Thank You Game Freak" was trending on Twitter. Being intrigued as to why it was I went ahead clicked on it. I started to read all the number of reasons why people were thankful for Game Freak. Seeing the trending topic got me thinking about my … Continue reading Dear Game Freak

Overwatch 2 Reveal Thoughts

This past weekend saw the reveal of Overwatch 2. While this came as a surprise for some I was somewhat skeptical as there had been a few rumors of its pending announcement appearing on Twitter. With the rumors circulating and BlizzCon fast approaching I promised myself to not believe or get excited about any information … Continue reading Overwatch 2 Reveal Thoughts

Album Review: Babymetal – Metal Galaxy

Today's post is something a little different and something that I've wanted to do for a little while now and something I hope to continue periodically going forward. BABYMETAL is the Japanese band made up of Su-Metal and Moametal whose music is a mixture of J-pop and Metal or as it is more commonly known … Continue reading Album Review: Babymetal – Metal Galaxy