Welcome to Twenty-Nineteen

Twenty-eighteen was a rollercoaster year full of ups, downs and challenges both personally and for the blog but here we are at the start of a new month and a new year and ready to see what twenty-nineteen has in store. Twenty Eighteen in a nutshell Spent time working on the behind the scenes aspect … Continue reading Welcome to Twenty-Nineteen

Throwback Thursday: Renting Days

It has been a little while since the last Throwback Thursday blog post but it felt fitting to share a little one this week. Now I've talked about the fact that I rent a lot of my games at the moment via Boomerang Games and this started a conversation between my brother and I a … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Renting Days

Review: Power Up Pins

One thing that has slowly been growing over the last few months is my collection of pin badges. Now there are so many different variations you can get and in my "little" collection I've got a right mixture. I've got Pokemon ones, ones I have picked up from events, some from work but some of … Continue reading Review: Power Up Pins

Throwback Thursday: My First Gaming Event

I've spent the last couple of days starting to plan a few odds and ends ready for RTX London in September. Mainly just working out travel, food & drink,  what I need to pack, that kind of thing. I'm one of these people who likes to make sure things are organised in plenty of time … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: My First Gaming Event