My Month In Gaming: January

For what has felt like the longest month, is finally coming to a close and it is time for the first My Month In Gaming for twenty-nineteen. If you are new to my bog and haven't seen one of these posts before, let me explain what they're all about. At the end of each month … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: January


My Month In Gaming: December

Twelve months later and here we are at the last My Month In Gaming post for 2018.  It's been a fun year and even though the vision of these posts has changed ever so slightly during the year, overall they've been great fun to write up towards the end of each month. Overwatch It's that … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: December

First Thoughts About Overwatch

I stumbled across this word document the other day when clearing up some files on my laptop and it was just randomly named "OverwatchFT.doc" and I was a little confused as to what it was. It was only when I loaded it up that I realized that it was a little something that I wrote … Continue reading First Thoughts About Overwatch