Games I Don’t Tell People I’ve Played

I'm sure I am not alone when I say that I have games in my collection that I am slightly embarrassed to say I have played at one point or another. I guess you could say they are more guilty pleasure games. When I started writing this post I was thinking more around games I … Continue reading Games I Don’t Tell People I’ve Played


The Never Ending Backlog

I know I am not alone when I say this but "I have an ever growing backlog of games." While it has grown here and there over the past couple of years between my partner and I it wasn't until more recently that we realized that it was larger than we both initially thought. Part … Continue reading The Never Ending Backlog

A New Series Is Coming Soon

Today I want to introduce you to something new on the blog. The start of a new monthly series that will take a different game franchise and just talk about it. This new series is called Franchise Friday and the aim will be that it will be posted towards the second half of the month. … Continue reading A New Series Is Coming Soon

My Month In Gaming: December

Twelve months later and here we are at the last My Month In Gaming post for 2018.  It's been a fun year and even though the vision of these posts has changed ever so slightly during the year, overall they've been great fun to write up towards the end of each month. Overwatch It's that … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: December